• Over 1,200 types of reef fish and over 250 species of coral, the most in all of the Indian Ocean

Dive Sites:

  • Hanifaru Bay: This is a snorkeling only site! Hanifaru Bay is the most famous manta ray feeding and breeding ground in the Maldives and the largest known in the world! Don’t miss out on this fantastic spot between May and November.
  • Maavaru Thila: Maavaru Thila is made up of 2 different thilas (pinnacles) a deeper one to start the dive on and a shallower thila that is perfect to finish the dive on. The beauty of this site is the amount of soft corals
  • Amilla Fushi: A pleasant reef to snorkel or dive to explore. A vertical hole in the reef creates a blue hole like swim through allows scuba divers to descend down and exit from a cave at the bottom. Guitar sharks and rays can be seen here.