• The tiger sharks island! The rare encounters with majestic megafauna of the oceans are made possible by this factor, which gives the island its isolation as well as its uniqueness.

Dive Sites:

  • Fuvahmulah Tiger Shark Zoo: One of Fuvahmulah's major attractions is a dive site called Tiger Zoo. It's likely the only dive site in Asia that guarantees tiger shark sightings daily. The local fish market's waste attracts these tiger sharks to the area, ensuring sightings are not dependent on seasons, time, or conditions. Divers might even encounter dozens of sharks, some reaching up to five meters in length.
  • Fari Kede Dive Site: Fuvahmulah, a protected marine area, is one of the greatest attractions for divers. It is home to countless varieties of predatory fish, including Great Barracudas, Dogtooth and Skipjack Tunas, and Giant Trevallies. Divers can easily find many species of Groupers and Snappers throughout this thrilling drift dive. Grey Reefs, Silver Tip, and White Tip Reef Sharks are also commonly observed. Thresher and Tiger Sharks are also frequently spotted. Oceanic Mantas are seen throughout the year.