• Diving in the Noonu Atoll invites you to explore the mysteries of a marine world where the intricacies of life are fully displayed. From the imposing Napoleon wrasse to the whimsical batfish schools, each encounter contributes to the underwater masterpiece.

Dive Sites:

  • Orimas Thila: Orimas Thila is a deep thila dive site with the top of the thila at approx. 20m. This site is also known as Shark Point due to the sharks that hang around in this area. If the current is strong and you may need to hook into or hold onto the rocks to stay up current with the fish life.
  • Vaadhoo thila: Vaadhoo thia is a very famous dive site it is deep and ocean thila middle of the channel. Top reef starts in 10m and the bottom goes down to 40m with beautiful corals.

  • Christmas Tree: This dive site is one of the best and most precious thilas / pinnacles in Noonu atoll. It gets its name from the fact that the pinnacles of the reef are stacked to resemble a christmas tree.