• Submerged pinnacles rise majestically from the ocean floor, creating dramatic seascapes that captivate the senses.

Dive Sites:

  • Vilingili Kandu: This is a long channel dive site in the northeast corner of the atoll. Here you can expect strong currents as well as high seas when the weather is rough. A great spot for large fish species.
    In this channel, you can encounter large numbers of grey reef sharks and schools of silvertip sharks.
  • Maarehaa Kandu: This channel dive site, located to the east of the atoll, is a protected area where fishing has been banned. Due to this you can encounter sharks in large numbers.
    Upon reaching the right spot in the channel and with the right currents, you can enjoy a dive with over 100 grey reef sharks here as well as schooling silver tip sharks.
  • Gemanafushi Hammerhead Point: This dive site is for advanced divers who are comfortable diving in the blue water with no reference other than your dive instruments and diving buddy.
    This special blue water site plays host to hammerhead sharks as well as silky sharks. With the ocean there is no guarantee, but this is a good spot to try your luck!