• Divers can encounter colorful reef fish, including angelfish, butterflyfish, and parrotfish, as they navigate through the stunning coral formations. Felidhoo Atoll is known for its encounters with graceful sea turtles

Dive Sites:

  • Miyaru Kandu: This channel site is in the northeast of Vaavu atoll. This site is more suited to advanced divers as you can encounter strong currents. When there is less current, the dive site can also be for less experienced divers.
    Miyaru Kandu - “Shark Channel“ gets its name from the sharks that can be spotted in the middle of the channel.
  • Kunaavashi Kandu: The third channel to the west of Fulidhoo offers a great dive to see big fish during incoming currents at both channel entrances. The south side has larger overhangs and cavities starting at 10m down to 30m+ moving further into the channel. Along the reef edge you will mostly find grey reef- and white-tip sharks.
  • Alimatha Jetty: Alimatha Jetty is one of the most beloved dive sites in the Maldives. The shallow reef is home to a multitude of nurse sharks, rays, and schools of giant trevallies. It is truly a great spot for underwater photography and night dives.