• The atoll also offers opportunities to spot various species of sharks, such as reef sharks and nurse sharks, gracefully patrolling the depths. Additionally, divers may have the chance to encounter eagle rays, schools of barracuda, and other marine species

Dive Sites:

  • Madivaru Channel: Rasdhoo Madivaru is a channel located at the intersection of the local islands of Rasdhoo and Madivaru. Dive along the edge of parallel or perpendicular reef formations across the channel and explore the sandy areas.
    The channel offers great opportunities to spot sharks and larger fish along the edge and in the blue. In the sandy area, you can often spot various species of rays and resting sharks.
  • Kuramathi Caves: These caves are located on the western end of the atoll past the Kuramathi Resort sandbank. There are many large overhangs here, but also two caves through which divers can swim (one at 18-20 meters, the other at 28-30 meters).
    In the caves and overhangs, you may find white tips, stingrays, or nurse sharks. Very healthy coral on top of the reef at 5 meters.