• For an optimal and rewarding diving experience, the period from November to April offers ideal conditions in the Haa Dhaalu Atoll

Dive Sites:

  • Heaven and Hell: The site is perfect for advanced divers, featuring some of the best coral formations in all of the Maldives. Keep an eye out for manta rays in the blue. Because the currents can be strong, ensure you're comfortable with these conditions.
  • The Cathedral: This dive site caters to various skill levels. The reef begins at 10m and plunges to 30m, revealing the stunning "cathedral". This overhang provides a breathtaking backdrop to an exquisite dive site. Be sure to explore the nooks and crannies for nudibranch, or gaze into the blue for sharks and tuna.
  • Theefarido Thila: A large strip of rock is protected from the strong north-south current, creating a calm environment conducive to stunning coral formations. Red sea fans mix with a variety of brightly colored sponges, while tiny, vibrantly colored nudibranchs nestle alongside lobsters and shrimp in the rock fissures. The blue water also hosts schools of yellow snappers and darting fusiliers.