• November to April offer the optimal window for diving in the Haa Alifu Atoll

Dive Sites:

  • Filadhoo Wreck: Resting at just 46 feet (14 meters), the area is blanketed in a variety of soft and hard corals. Table coral encircles the wreck, with schools of groupers, snappers, and fusiliers weaving through the structure. Eagle rays periodically glide around the hull, reminiscent of a fighter jet in an old war movie. If you're fortunate, you might even spot a whitetip reef shark patrolling.
  • Madulu Caves: Outstanding, vibrant soft coral in the caves, situated at the bottom of the wall. Plenty fish to see in the section of the shallow reef.
  • Baarah Corner: Baarah Corner is a shallow reef dive where Mantas can be found gliding along the reef. Turtles, grey reef sharks, White tip reef sharks Napoleon Wrasse and abundant of fish life can be seen here. The top reef is 8m, the reef edge starts from 12m to a drop off of down to 25m.