• The atoll is famous for its year-round encounters with whale sharks, making it a mecca for divers seeking thrilling encounters with these gentle giants.

Dive Sites:

  • Maaya Thila: Once this dive site was on the top 10 best in the world. Due to this rating many divers dived this site and specially at night. The damage on the top of this Thila (diver error) is bad, but as from 12m acceptable. At night many giant trevally and some white tips hunting.
    The deep pinnacles around the Thila are amazing with many grey reef sharks around and full of glass fish.
  • Fesdhoo Wreck & Thila: This dive site is located on the outskirts of Fesdhoo Island and embodies a wreck next to a small thila (pinnacle). This site is better suited for nitrox divers.
    Great for macro lovers, those who enjoy beautiful healthy corals, and lovers of large fish schools. This site is also known to be an occasional manta cleaning station.
  • Fish Head: Fish Head Thila was formerly known for its enormous population of grey reef sharks. Now it depends on luck, season and the current to see them. The reef plate starts at about 10 meters depth and there can be currents. Fast descent required.
    More current, more fish! Big schools of Fusiliers, blue striped snappers, morays, tunas, jacks, whitetip and grey reef sharks
  • Moofushi Kandu: Moofushi Kandu is one of the prime channels in the Maldives to observe Grey Reef Sharks, Mantas, Eagle Rays and other big fellows. The channel entrance has a depth of 40 to 50 Meters. Crossings are only available at moderate currents
    On good days more than 100 Grey Reef Sharks are patrolling in front of the channel. Lucky divers have the chance to observe them from the top on good days...
  • Maamigili Beyru: Dive site right on the corner of Maamigili Island at the southern end of the Ari Atoll, which also has an airport. Outer reef slowly sloping down to approx. 10 m, then more or less steep wall up to over 40 meters with smaller overhangs and crevices. Depending on the current, right or left shoulder along the reef.
    Best-known diving spot for whale sharks, lots of schooling fish along the edge of the reef. Be careful when surfacing as there is often heavy boat traffic. SMB highly recommended.
  • Kudimaa (Wreck): This medium-sized steel wreck was sunk on purpose in 1998, this was to provide the many divers visiting South Ari Atoll with a wreck dive site. This site is very close to the house reef of Machafushi island.
    A great site for macro lovers as you will find many species of nudibranch, shrimp, and crabs around the wreck, quite often there is a frogfish hiding on the wreck if you can spot him!
  • Kuda Rah Thila: A stunning underwater pinnacle just minutes away from the island of Kuda Rah. This dive site has been declared a protected marine area. The dive site is better for Advanced certified divers and those who are experienced with a bit of current. Nitrox is recommended.
    Large schools of bluestripe snapper hang out on the top of this thila, creating a sea of yellow and blue, schools of fusilier, and batfish are also nearby. Possibilities of grey reef sharks
  • Rangali Madivaru: Rangali Madivaru (Madi = Manta, Faru = long Reef) is a manta cleaning station located in the channel at approx. 9 meters on the edge where the sloping bottom meets a plateau reef. This dive site is best visited with the outgoing current.
    Manta rays can be seen at the cleaning station during the northeast monsoon season (Dec - April). Lots of fish, here is also a good site for macro life.